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image  News/Current Event  Source 

The quote of the day is: "The job of an educator is

to teach students to see the vitality in

themselves."- Joseph Campbell.

(Did not have time to do


9/16/10 The Rosette Nebula

The NASA image of the day is  The Rosette Nebula.  The

Rosette Nebula is a region 5,000 light years from earth.

9/16/10 Photo: Dr. Sally Ride

Sally Rider (who is a former astronaut) visits the White House

to answer questions.


National Geographic Kids
9/20/10 Photo: Sun shining through fog

The National Geographic picture of the day is "Sunlight and Fog, Spain". 

Nation Geograhic



The word of the day is "strand", it means: "to leave in a strange or an unfavorable place especially without a way of departing"

Daily Buzzword 

9/22/10 bottlenose dolphinMerlin selects an image on the iPad, held by his trainer, by touching it with his nose. (WENN.com/NewsCom)

A dolphin named Merlin, communicates using the ipad.  The article is "Dolphin Flips for iPad"

Scholastic News 

9/22/10 Twitchell Canyon Fire

The NASA image of the day is "Twitchell Canyon Fire".



9/27/10 Photo: Gecko being placed in its museum enclosure

A new exibit comes to The National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C.  The exibit is all about geckos. 

News Bites 

9/27/10 Pressure's on Brady

The patriots win!  It was a 38-30 win.  Brady threw 252 yards.

Boston Globe 

9/29/10 Photo: A spider web made by a Darwin's bark spider, a new species said to weave the world's biggest spider webs -- and the strongest

The biggest spider web is longer than a river.  It was found that the female Darwin spider can spin a web that was longer that some rivers and really strong. 

News Bites 

9/29/10  People take photos of a huge chocolate bar.

The biggest chocolate bar weighs 9,702 pounds, 224 inches long, 10 inches thick and 110 inches wide.  Its made by Grand Candy and it will make the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Scholastic News 

10/1/10 A Galactic Spectacle

The NASA image of the day is " A Galactic Spectacle"


10/1/10 An artist's reconstruction of a giant fossil penguin

A giant prehistoric penguin is found.  About 36 million years ago penguins stood as tall as a human.  It was red and gray. 

National Geographic  

10/6/10 Randy Moss

Randy Moss might get traded to the vikings! The trade might be completed today. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Boston Globe

10/6/10 Photo: Gripper, a crested gecko

The new gecko has a name! Its name is Gipper.  People  voted on News Bites determined the name. 

News Bites 

10/8/10 Sunny

Today in Sherborn it is going to be sunny with a high of 72 degrees farenhight. 

The Weather Channel 

10/8/10 Soyuz Liftoff in Kazakhstan

The NASA image of the day is Soyuz Liftoff in Kazakhstan.  The Soyuz TMA-01M rocket launches from Baikonur Cosmodrome.

NASA Image of the Day 

10/18/10 Kicking it up a notch

The patriots win against the Ravens, the score was 23-20.  Stephen Gostkowski kicked a 35 yard field goal to win the game.

Boston Globe


The word of the day is: diffident, it means lacking confidence.

Daily Buzzword 


Top Image

A huge typhoon hits the Phillippines.  It destroyed many homes and killed at least seven people.  The typhoon is heading to China and Veitnam.

Time for Kids

10/22/10 Crackling with Solar Flares

The NASA image of the day is "Crackling with Solar Flares".  The sun has a huge sun spot that is bigger than the separation between the earth and moon.


10/22/10 The Plastiki floats in water on a test run

The article "Boat Made of Bottles" is about a boat called Plastiki that is made of 12,500 bottles.

Scholastic News 

10/27/10 Rain / Thunder

The weather forcast for Sherborn is rain/thunder for the rest of today.  Tomorrow the weather forcast is partly sunny.

The Weather Channel 


One of the best costumes in Tokyo Game Show. It took half a year to prepare.



The word of the day is octogenarian it means "A person between 80 and 90 years of age."

Kids Zone NCES 


Top Image

The first woman president in Brazil is elected on Sunday.

Time for Kids 

11/5/10 David Ortiz

David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox is coming back for one year.  He is getting paid 12.5 million dollars. 

Boston Globe 


The new ibend allows you to use the ipad without holding flat.  It is a stand that can bend so that you can position it where you want it.


11/9/10 Reflecting Merope

The NASA image of the day is callled "Reflecting Merope" 


11/16/10  Johnny Boychuk

 Johnny Boychuk might make his return to the Bruins tonight. On October 23, he got hit in the forearm by Brandon Dubinsky.

Boston Globe 

11/23/10 The word of the day is Rollicking - (adj) full of fun and good spirits Daily Buzzword 
11/23/10 Chattanooga, Tennessee The Battle of Chattanooga took place on November 23, 1863.  The Union forsed Confederate troops away from Chattanooga and into Geogia. Library of Congress

Top Image

Justin Bieber preforms in the Garden in Boston, MA. He won four American Music Awards.  He is the youngest preformer to win anything. I <3 him Scholastic News 
12/3/10   Photo: A tiger cub at the Aalborg zoo. Denmark Aalborg Zoo got a new cub.  This cub is very adventerous and needs a lot of attention. News Bites 
12/3/10 Mid Image 1 Thanksgiving took place a couple of weeks ago.  The Thanksgiving spirit has never changed over these years. Time For Kids
12/7/10 Panoramic view of Pearl Harbor dry dock On this day, the Japanese attacked pearl habor.  2,300 Americans died from the planes.  160 planes were ruined and more then 150 planes were damaged. Library of Congress
12/7/10 Danny Woodhead Last night, the Patriots won against the Jets, 45-3.  They now have the best record in Football. Boston Globe
12/10/10 A New Era The NASA image of the day is "A New Era" NASA 
12/10/10 muirriggs The  Muir Glacier was one of the largest glaciers in the world in the 18th century.  After nine years, the glacier has melted down 300 feet, when it started at 2,300 feet.  Now, the glacier has almost melted all the way. Wired 
12/10/10 Photo: Surfer on a South African beach The National Geographic Picture of the day is a surfer in South Africa, waiting for a wave. National Geographic
12/14/10 The word of the day is - censure (verb) and it means: to find fault with: to express formal disapproval of Merriam Webster Daily Buzzword
12/14/10 The quote of the day is 

"The new appears as a minority point of view, and hence is unpopular.  The function of a university is to give it a sanctuary."- Martin H. Fischer

(did not have time)

It may not be to late for Polar bears.  Since we are cutting down green house gases we are preventing the polar bears from extinction.

12/16/10 This is one of the top ten activities for kids- to build a gingerbread house! Time for Kids
12/21/10 <br />Hundreds of Native American leaders met and spoke with the President last Thursday.<br /><br />(Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images) Native Americans gather at the white house to talk about health care, eduation, and crime fighting on the Native American's land. Scholastic News
12/21/10 Photo: A lunar eclipse in Turkey There was a lunar eclipes last night News Bites
12/23/10 Amelia Earhart in a plane Researchers think they know where Amelia Earheart crashed.  They think she landed on an island and they found some bones and some of her belongings.  Scholastic News
1/4/11 The Road Less Traveled The NASA image of the day is "The Road Less Traveled NASA
1/7/11  Buenos Aires has three new cubs! There were two females and one male. It was very special because they were white lions. Not many white lions are born. Both the mom lioness and the male lion were white. White is a recessive gean. Tween Tribune 
1/7/10 Over the past season, the Patriots have captured the heart of New England while taking the NFL by storm, finishing the regular season 14-2. The 2010 cast of characters that Bill Belichick put together is a magical mix of veterans, castaways, and rookies who have all played critical roles in getting this team on a roll. But is this your favorite Patriots team of all time? We take a look at 10 of the most beloved Patriots teams going back to 1974, some that almost went all the way, and others that broke through to capture Super Bowl trophies. After the walk down memory lane, you get to pick your most beloved Patriots team. The patriots went 14-2, this season Boston Globe 
1/11/11 Photo: Cats on a bench The National Geographic have offered a photo contest. This photo got 2nd place. National Geographic 
1//11/11 The word of the day is 

caliph -(n.).The secular and religious head of a Muslim state.

Kids Zone 
1/13/11 Photo: Timber wolves licking each other The photo of the day is Timber Wolves. This picture dipicts a family of wolves, not acting like a "fearless creature but, a  caring and giving huggable friend." National Geographic 
1/19/11 People came together in Haiti on January 12, to remember the earthquake Time For Kids 
1/25/11 India has started a new radio.  They music is normaly used in death scenes. Wired 
1/25/11 The forcast for this week is snow mostly! Maybe we will have a snow day! GUESS WHAT????????? IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Boston Weather Forcast 
1/28/11 The Tween Tribune for kids is hosting a contest which allows kids to say who they would want to spend some time with. I want to spend some time with Justin Bieber. I <3 him! Tween Tribune For Kids 
1/28/11 The word of the day is occlude (verb) and it means "to obstruct" Daily Buzzword 

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